Ozone Mama’s soulful and riff-heavy music gives a fresh facelift to the rock and roll of the 60’s and 70’s. The band has become acclaimed for their electrifying live performances.

They won the Fonogram Award (Grammy equivalent in Hungary) with their debut album ’The Starship Has Landed’ in 2012. The first single I Really Care’ was featured on the prestigious Classic Rock Magazine's Summer Issue 2013. Their second offering, ’Freedom EP’ was released in 2013. 

The band, consisting of Márton Székely (vocals), András Gábor (guitars, vocals) Gergely Dobos (bass) and Máté Gulyás (drums), won their second Fonogram Award with the album ’Sonic Glory’ (produced by Michael Rich [Jay Buchanan solo album] and mixed by Stephen Marsh [Jeff Beck, Incubus, John Sykes, Ben Harper, The Donnas]) as the 'Best hard rock/heavy metal album of the year' in 2016.

The album has received glowing reviews from Classic Rock Magazine (8 of 10 stars) and many other publications.

Their songs have been airplayed by several local and international radio stations including USA and Canada.

After opening for major international rock acts like Monster Magnet (USA), Airbourne (AU), The Darkness (UK) or Kamchatka (SWE) Ozone Mama has drawn rave reviews and a rapidly growing fan base.

The band began playing more dates outside their country of origin from 2016. Along with the local tour circuit and main festivals (including Sziget), which followed their European tour, they were invited to the Toronto-based Canadian Music Week and the Evening Star club at Niagara Falls, NY, USA. Ozone Mama also performed at the Romanian Alternative September Rock and Danube Rock Festival, picture on festival in Austria and End Of Summer Festival in Germany.

Ozone Mama's third full-length album 'Cosmos Calling' was released by the California-based Ripple Music in January 2018.